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The system you'll love to use

Train employees, partners, and customers worldwide.

We understand you're busy.

We don’t expect you to be spending half your day operating a complicated system. Right from sign-up, you'll be able to create, organize, track, and distribute online courses for your learners.

Start Training Staff Within Minutes

​Easy to use

Our platform is intuitive and easy to navigate for an unparalleled user experience. Manage your courses, users, content, and organizations with ease, right from the start.

Distribute courses your way

Launch courses from our platform by inviting users via email or SMS, uploading them, or simply by sending them an enrolment key. Have your own LMS? Download your purchased course (industry standard SCORM format) and launch it directly from your own LMS!

Keep track of multiple organizations

Do you have multiple training administrators that help you support and manage your learners? Create an organization and get your team working together. Best of all, you manage your organizations under one account.

One account

One login area for you and your learners; sign in with your email or phone. You see what your learners see. There's no complicated administration interfaces to learn, which means you can get started right away.

​View learner progress

Get a complete picture on where your learners are at in their training  process. No complicated reports to configure, just simple status reports that tell you who's trained, who hasn't, and whose certification is about to expire.

Manage your users

User management is done through one simple interface. See users that you've imported or invited, or those that have been added from enrolment keys and an external LMS.